<cob-contact-form id="contactForm" token="*****" default-subject="Patterns library feedback" to="digital+patterns@boston.gov" visible="visible"></cob-contact-form>


Web component for a Contact Form modal dialog. POSTs an email to our contact form service to be sent to an internal feedback address.

Include this component just before the </body> closing tag on your page so that it can cover the entire page when shown.

Will be hidden by default. Call the show() method to show it or add a visible attribute.

<button onClick="document.getElementById('contactForm').show()">


Property Attribute Description Type Default
action action Defaults to https://contactform.boston.gov/emails but can be set for development testing. string 'https://contactform.boston.gov/emails'
defaultSubject default-subject Pre-fills the subject field in the form. string ''
to to Email address to send the form contents to. Defaults to feedback@boston.gov. string 'feedback@boston.gov'
token token HTTP Authorization header token. Needs to match an API token in the contactform.boston.gov database. string ''
visible visible Whether or not the modal is shown. Defaults to hidden. boolean false


hide() => void

Hide the modal.


Type: void

show() => void

Show the modal.


Type: void

Built with StencilJS